DVD Wall Mount Guide

DVD Wall Bracket Guide, DVD Wall Mount Guide
How to choose a DVD Wall Mount


DVD Wall Mounts and DVD Wall Brackets come in various shapes and sizes

Black Glass DVD Mounts

Clear Glass DVD Mounts

Single Shelf DVD Mounts

Double or 2 Shelf DVD Mounts

Three Shelves or 3 Shelf DVD Mounts

Wooden DVD Mounts

1) The first thing while choosing a  DVD Wall Mount is to see what do you want mounting below your TV.

If its a single DVD player or Sky Box you want to Wall Mount, then a Single shelf DVD Wall Bracket is what you need.


2) Now decide if you want a Clear glass or Black Glass model depending on your interior

Clear Glass DVD Mounts or Black Glass DVD Mounts


Most are made of Glass Shelves and the column, a combination of Steel and Plastic or Wood

Most Single Shelf Mounts could be expanded to 2 or 3 Shelves later and have cable hiding features 

Another thing to be aware of is the size of the glass, for larger DVD players and amplifiers you could purchase the larger glass version, but remember they do stick out into the room.

One of the frequently asked questions is; Can it be mounted in a corner? The answer is No, however some single glass shelves as the one below, could be adapted to fit in a corner, but would need a bit of DIY skills. The reason is the square glass does not fit into the corner and the back does not have any way to fix in the corner

This DVD Wall Mount is square and if you mount it on MDF in the corner, the glass does not stick out.

See the image of how one of our cutomers fitted this in his room.


We have the biggest range in the UK and our DVD Wall Mounts start from £19.00


In the 2 shelf category, the range expands dramatically. The premier mounts come into this category and there are a lot more features.

The range includes Aluminium casing and Steel casing to Wood casings.

Some 2 shelf mounts have a plastic end bit on either side as many people do not use the cable hiding feature for access to power sockets and or TV units.This needs to be cut in order to allow wires to pass, if one is using the cable hiding feature. Some just drill a hole or two for the wires.

These again come in Clear Glass and Black Glass.

We also have Wooden column mounts with both Black and Clear Glass. These are the most popular and highly appreciated with 5 star reviews with brass nuts.

Many have asked us on the Wooden Mounts if a power socket could be installed behind the Mount. It may be possible for a flat plug to go behind it, but the risk of fire is great, hence we do not advise it.

Many have installed them by putting a board in the corner and mounting it on the board as a corner DVD Bracket, others have used it for placing Sound Speakers on either side.

Again look at the glass size and see if it suits your room.

If you have more things, you may need a 3 Shelf unit, again with white or black columns and glass

Hope this helps you in deciding the right DVD Wall Mount for your room, but if you have any queries, please email me.